Adrien “The Problem” Broner

Following their great twelve round battle, both Adrien Broner (29-1, 22 KOs) and Emanuel Taylor (18-3, 10 KOs) spoke together to us at Hit First Boxing, and a few other of our colleagues in the media. In a great showing of sportsmanship, both Adrien Broner and Emanuel Taylor gave each other tremendous credit. In this interview, Taylor talks about the talent, speed, and heart of Broner. While Broner himself talks about the toughness of Taylor, and what he thinks of his career going forward. Broner-Taylor was televised live by Showtime’s Championship Boxing from the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati.

Interview by Sean Zittel

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Adrien Broner (29-1 22KO) and Emanuel Taylor (18-3 10KO) spoke to the press together after providing the fans of Cincinnati with an exciting fight. Broner scored the unanimous decision (116-111 x 2, 115-112) and punctuated the victory with a thrilling knock down of Taylor in the final seconds giving his hometown fans something to go home happy about.

Footage by Sean Zittel

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By Sean Zittel

Two years ago, at the end of 2012, Adrien Broner (28-1, 22 KOs), was widely regarded as the best up and coming fighter in Boxing. Not Miguel “Mikey” Garcia, not Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, Danny Garcia, or anybody else. Now fast forward to present day September 2014. If one were to poll the same writers and experts who ranked Broner as the top young fighter in the sport back in 2012 right now, it would be very likely that Broner would now be nowhere near the number one spot. Meanwhile, Broner’s contemporaries like Mikey and Danny Garcia, as well as Alvarez (44-1-1, 31 KOs), have surpassed him for the time being. The Boxing public now sees a brighter future for those aforementioned fighters than they do Adrien Broner.

If Adrien Broner wants to change that perception, he will have to start tomorrow night by putting on an impressive display against the unheralded, but also underrated Emanuel Taylor (18-2, 10 KOs). Taylor has been billed as a tomato can, or sacrificial lam if you will. If Taylor indeed winds up a sacrificial lamb, it will only be because Adrien Broner will have fought to the best of his abilities. A tomato can however, Taylor is not. If Adrien Broner thinks he’s heading into a fight with a tomato can, then he might just wind up being a victim of the Upset of The Year for the second year in a row.

This is what makes Broner interesting and exciting to watch wether you like him or not. One night he may dazzle you with his talent, and then the next night drive everybody nuts for not fulfilling his potential. This fight is not quite the forgone conclusion everyone seems to think it is. If Adrien Broner put in a 100 percent into his training, then the fans tomorrow night will see a impressive display by “The Problem”. However, if Broner comes into the US Bank Arena not fully prepared, expecting a easy fight, then Emanuel Tayor will have a good chance of having his arm raised when it is all said and done.

Tomorrow night’s fight is a must-win for Adrien Broner. Will the brash 25 year old remind everybody why so many people thought he could grab the torch from Floyd Mayweather? Or will he lose to a fighter he has more than enough talent to beat? None of us, myself, you the reader, will know until tomorrow night.

Broner-Taylor will be televised live from the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, by Showtime’s Championship Boxing on September 6th.

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Adrien Broner at the B Hop Weigh-In. A few words from Adrien Broner at Bernard Hopkins vs Karo Murat weigh in in Atlantic City. Broner faces Marcos Maidana December 14 on PPV.


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Adrien Broner Talks Maidana at The MGM. We catch AB at the weigh in for the Fox Sports 1 Weigh In at the MGM Grand Lobby. We ask him about his upcoming fight against Marcos Maidana and catch him talking to Tattoo and the fans in the lobby.


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Marcos Maidana Interview From “The One” Press Room. We spoke to Marcos Maidana (34-3 31KO) about his upcoming fight against Adrien Broner (27-0 22KO) on December 14 on PPV. Also ask him about an altercation he had with Broner in Vegas on Thursday the 12th.


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